Monday, December 20, 2010

Ultra Sound

Dear Winston,
This morning I woke up and immediately vomited for no reason. I did this exact same thing the morning I got married. I think that my body does this before a seriously life changing event... Um... Moving on.
We had your last ultra sound today! I am so happy to report that you are doing so good! You were measuring at 5 pounds and 10 ounces which kind of scares me because I don't have a single thing to fit you. I really did not think that you would be so tiny! You would not for one second move your hands away from your face so we did not get to see your cute little nose or lips. But, we will soon enough.  We did however see that you are practicing breathing which is a very good thing!
So, if everything goes to plan and my Dr. is still up for it, tomorrow is the day we get everything started! I am so excited!!! By this time next week you will be here... :)
So, on Thursday evening your uncle Cole went through the temple for the first time. After going through, him, my dad, and your dad came over to give me a blessing. (This was all before we knew that I would be induced). In the blessing that your father gave me he blessed that you of course would be healthy and strong and he said many other wonderful things. One phrase that he kept repeating was "please bless Emily is these FINAL DAYS of her pregnancy..." And I remember thinking, "Days? He must mean weeks because there is no way I am having this baby that early." I was wrong... :) Oh what a wonderful thing the priesthood is! I know that was an inspired blessing from Heavenly Father and he knows me and is aware of my situation. If there is one thing that I hope you learn while on this earth it is to love the Savior and our Heavenly Father. If you love them and put them first you will be so blessed and have so much happiness.
Winston, I can't believe how much your dad and I already love you. You have already changed our lives so much. We can't wait to meet you and have your sweet spirit in our home! This really is the best Christmas I could ever hope for.

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  1. I love the priesthood sooo much! I must have gotten hundreds of blessings with each pregnancy, and they all helped me so immensely. Speaking of the temple, dang. I need to get my butt to the temple soon. It's been too long.