Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some things you should know.

Dear Winston,

People say funny things to you when you are pregnant. Some of these things are worth documenting. Maybe someday you can look back at these and laugh but more than anything I hope that you learn what not to say to a pregnant women (or just me when I'm pregnant).

1. Don't complain about how tired you are or how much your body aches around me when I am pregnant.
Now, I am not completely crazy and I know that peoples bodies still hurt and people still get tired when they are not pregnant but... please don't come to me to complain about it.

2. Don't tell a pregnant women that she looks like she is about to "POP!" especially if she is a month or two away from her due date. That will only make her want to punch you.

3. Along the same lines as the last one don't tell a pregnant women that she is way too small to be that far along. When it really comes down to it you can only control so much of how your body grows when it is pregnant. Everyone is different and bellies grow differently.

4. If you see that a pregnant women has food (or anything else) on the bottom of her shirt, tell her. I would really appreciate it if someone would let me know when I am walking around with crap on my shirt. When your stomach sticks out it is nearly impossible to see the bottom of your shirt unless you lift your shirt up to look at it and that can very unlady like.
I feel like I have no control over what my stomach does and by the end of the day, when I take my clothes off, I find that my stomach has been dipped into all different kinds of food without my knowledge. It's wonderful.

5. If you know any horror stories about pregnancy, miscarriages, or labor DO NOT SHARE THESE WITH A PREGNANT WOMAN. 
I don't know why people do this! The very second I started to let people know that I was pregnant they wanted to share with me the most horrific stories of pregnancy that they could think of... which in turn made me even more paranoid about everything.
If you have any stories about women who had the best pregnancy and enjoyed labor more than anything in the world and had perfect babies who slept through the night as soon as they got home please share THOSE stories with me. Thank you.

Everyday at work everyone feels the need to comment on how my stomach looks that day. It was cute at first, really, it was.  But now I feel like I am going to be examined and judged when I come into work everyday and it kind of makes me uncomfortable.
Here is an example of what happens...
I walk into work after my lunch break and walk by a group of women talking. One of them will stop me and the women will stand back, and stare at me. Then one by one they will start commenting.
Saying things like,
"Oh, you got much bigger after lunch."
" You look like you are getting really close."
"I bet you are peeing a lot now."
"I remember when I was pregnant... "Cue random story.
"You are way too small to be that far along. You should eat more."

These are really things that people have said to me since being pregnant. The last one is my least favorite. Well, pretty much any comment about my size (unless it's my Dr. who actually knows) does not make me super happy. Unless you follow it up with a, "wow, you really look great!"

To end this rant I want to share with you a little story about my Wal Mart experience.
One night Steven and I were checking out of Walmart and the lady on the register just stared at me.
Finally, as we were about to leave she says,
"Are you really pregnant or are you just wearing a shirt that makes you look like you are?"
Now, in her defense I have seen plenty of girls and wondered the same exact thing. However, I would never dream of asking them.
I kind of admire her forwardness... However awkward it may have been.

Now, if you want to make me really happy, say these things to me,

1. You are really glowing!
Not really even sure what this means but I know it is something good so I will take it!

2. You are probably really tired. Why don't you sit down while I rub your feet and back?... That one does not happen nearly as often as I would like.

3. Your have the perfect pregnant belly!

4. Pregnancy really suits you.

5. You are the most beautiful pregnant women in the whole world!... too much?

Winston, I want to remember these things for when your wife is pregnant (in many, many years from now).
I love you Winston. I can not wait to meet you!!!
We bought you a crib and I am so, so, so excited for it to get here and to set it up!!! I hope that you are getting ready because we sure are!


  1. My least favorite thing about pregnancy so far? The uncanny amount of unsolicited "mommy" advice from girls my age. I hate know-it-all's, and some of these girls? Pssssssh they think they know ALLLL about motherhood! Everyone HAS to share their story and their experience, which was fine at first, but I'm so over it now. I am finally starting to show, so I'm sure I'll get plenty more advice/comments in the coming weeks.

    You're almost done!!! Lucky!!!

  2. oh shoot. I commented on your halloween post on your other blog. I hope it didnt offend you! Cuz you're one of those girls who I think is always so cute. Pregnant or not! And to be quite honest, I think you do look great!
    OH and, I hated when people gave me advice when I didnt ask. So annoying. Or told me Im was going to be late. Lame.

  3. Haha! Sophie! Don't even worry about it! That picture really hides my belly really well for some reason. Pictures don't count anyways... It did not even bother me in the least.

  4. Oh jeez. Now I'm not saying the following because it was a suggestion of yours - I really mean it: I think you are a really cute pregnant girl. You just look like you have a little ball in your shirt. I always wanted to look like that. I never was a cute pregnant lady. I was just a poofball. :)