Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My heart kind of sunk when I wrote that title. Half a year old. You are growing up right before my eyes. Watching you grow is so bitter sweet for me. It is more sweet than bitter because seeing you hit your mile stones gives me so much joy but at the same time I am sad because well... you are growing up too fast. You will not be my baby forever and that gets me a little choked up.
I didn't write too much about your fifth month, so let me just fill you in on all the things that you are doing now.
You are loving grabbing EVERYTHING and putting into your mouth. For the most part your favorite thing to grab is my hair. Of course, the first time I have ever had it this long and you can't keep your hands off of it. And let me tell you, you have got an awesome grip!
You are now sitting pretty stable. You only fall over a few times. You are also taking baths like a big boy now!
You have also discovered your voice. One night a couple weeks ago you started making a screeching sound and you loved it so much that you stayed up till twelve making it. You are also making the same sound that the grudge does. It's kind of like a super low growl. Good thing you are much cuter than the grudge.
You are rolling around like crazy and you are now trying to crawl. You have few different methods of doing this but your favorite is to put your face to the floor, let your arms go limp, and push with your legs. It's fun watching you try new things. You are still such a wiggle worm.
I have started feeding you food. You are really not a fan of anything but carrots so far. When I try to feed you something you act like you are choking (don't worry you aren't) and you keep your mouth open and cry. Feeding time = no fun time.
You are still pretty mellow and you love strangers. You are taking 3 short naps or 2 long ones and sleeping from 9pm- 7am most days. Sometimes longer.
You also love:
 playing with your left foot (only the left one)
sticking out your tongue
sucking on your lips
kicking your legs
playing with your toys
getting thrown in the air
being put upside down
Laughing. You are super ticklish
You keep me laughing all day every day. You already have such a sense of humor and little personality.
At 5 months you weighed 15 pounds and now you are about 17 pounds. What happened to my little 5 pound nugget?
Gosh, I love you so much. I spend every day all day with you and I still love you more than life and as long as I am with you (and you are awake) it's impossible for me to be bored. You are the light of my life.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5 Months... A Little Bit Late

I am ashamed. I have been seriously lacking at updating your baby blog!
Your fifth month of life has been one of many firsts. And I have been loving every one.
On the actual day of your 5th month of life we celebrated by cutting your hair! You really, really, really needed it. Bad. Your hair started falling out everywhere but the top of your head and the lower back side (closest to your neck) and you have a nice bald spot (still) but now I think that your hair looks much better and you look even more like a little boy.

 ... I will update more soon. I promise.