Saturday, April 23, 2011

4 Months Old!

Dear baby,

Yesterday you turned 4 months old. Words cannot express the way that I feel about you. The only way that I can think of describing it is that it's like the most intense and tender love at the same time... Did not come close to doing that justice. Oh well.
I can't help but think about the day that you were born. I think that the pictures below capture the complete happiness that I felt that day. Even though I was hurting, a mess, and my naked body was pretty much hanging out for everyone to see I have never felt more confident, happy, strong, or empowered in my life. It was the most amazing feeling I ever felt. It makes me look forward to doing it all again (but not anytime soon).
You are getting more and more fun everyday. Your personality is coming through even more now and you are the most social baby I have ever seen. You are also OBSESSED with your hands. They are always in your mouth or your fingers are intertwined. You are always moving around. You can't sit still. Ever. You had another Dr. appointment yesterday and you got more shots. I did not cry this time. But you did. Here are your stats!
Age: 4 months old
Weight: 12.9 lbs 13% (<--- See that? You are catching up!)
Height: 24.5 in 36%
Head Circ: 16.7 58%
BMI: 15.1
You are eating 6 oz 4- 5 times a day.
You have been sleeping soundly through the night every night since you were 6 weeks old. What a blessing.
You are perfectly healthy and so, so, so happy all the time. Every one always tells me what a great baby you are. And they are right. You are wonderful.
The biggest news as of late is that you rolled over!!! It is so fun to see you hit those milestones.
Love you little buddy!
In honor of being 4 months old I made a little video of your life from 0-3 months. I am really, really enjoying taking videos of you and editing them.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


When I was pregnant with Winston I decided that I wanted to have a photographer in the room with me while I was having him. I know. It's sounds super weird but trust me. It is completely awesome. The photographer that we had was Larry Reeves . He was also our wedding photographer, family photographer and he is amazing and we love him! We would really recommend him to anyone... Anyways, I just realized that I have not yet posted any of the pictures that he took. They still make me tear up. I can not explain how happy I am that he was able to be there to document the whole experience for us. I love going back and looking at the pictures and I do it often.
He took many pictures for us but I would like to just post some of my favorites.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is funny... maybe. I think that all moms can relate to this. I know I can.