Monday, November 29, 2010

Back track: 31 weeks round

back tracking a little bit... I have been horrible at documenting my growing belly. This picture was taken 2 weeks ago (pre Thanksgiving meal) and you bet that I have grown since then.
I can now feel my body start to prepare in little ways for your entry into this world. I can also feel you practicing your boxing moves to prepare your body for its entry into this world.
I have become such a boob lately.
Yesterday, at church, we sat next to a couple who had a brand new baby girl. When they pulled her up from her car seat and held her, I started crying... I can't believe that I am going to have a baby of own.
It is an overwhelming feeling in so many ways.
Your dad and I still get a kick out of watching your little body parts move across my belly. Even though it is still weird, and kind of creepy, it is fun to watch.
This weekend we decided that we are going to make a trip to Utah for your dad's best friends babies blessing. We were advised to fly from my Dr. but... flights are ridiculously expensive and we, unfortunately, are not made of money.  My Dr. said that as long as I stop every hour and walk a little bit blood clots will not be a problem and my body should be fine. It's going to be a loooong drive. We are going up on Friday at 5:00PM and coming home Sunday after the blessing...  I am probably not going to be working on Monday. It's all worth it though! We can't wait to see our friends and baby Colin.
BTW, Winston. We went a little crazy and bought you a ridiculous amounts of clothes! You are going to be so stylish. I can't wait to dress you! Everyone says that shopping for boys is not as fun but... I have been enjoying shopping for you a bit more than I should! You lucky, lucky boy.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Name

Dear baby,

I have been going back and forth on if I should post this or not...
We have name for you! We have had it for quite a while but for some reason your dad is waiting for me to change it. The last few days I have been looking up other names to see if I liked anything better. While there are some that I think are cute, I could not find another one that I could imagine myself calling you. So, before I reveal what your name is I want to tell you our criteria for picking one out.

We wanted to give you a name that was strong. A name that means something.
We wanted it to be a name that is heard of but not common (Name association could be a bad thing).
I did not want you to have a name that could in any way be confused for a girls name.

Ok, now that that is out of the way I will tell you where we got your middle name.
Your middle name comes from your dads uncle (or your great- uncle) who your dad admired. I never had the chance to meet him since he passed away a few years ago, but you should be proud to have his name. From what I hear he was a remarkable person.
Now, on to your first name.
One night your dad and I went out to dinner at YC's. After we got our meal and sat down the subject of names came up again. At this point any time we played "the name game" we got angry at each other and things never ended well. For some reason this night was different. Steven started to throw out names of some influential people/ leaders in the world that he admired. He came across one that I loved. I told him so and he said he too loved it. Since this was The FIRST name that we both agreed on I said, OK, that's it! That is his name.
We have been calling you by that name since that day and I can't imagine it being any different.
OK, now that that is out of the way.... your name is...
Winston David Hale
Now, technically your name could change up until the point that you are born (which is what your dad is afraid of) but I don't anticipate that happening. I love the name.
We have, however, had a few haters and nick name maker uppers but... We see through all that.
We love you Winston! We are so happy and excited (and a lot nervous) that you are joining our family and that Heavenly Father has trusted us with you. This is going to be a fun ride.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dear Baby,

Congratulations! You have officially discovered my rib cage... Your new favorite thing to do is put your feet on the right side of rib cage and your hands on the left side of my lower belly and then you stretch and push with all your might. You are so strong and I love it!
You move the most when you hear music (you really are my kid!). Last night your dad and I went to a local orchestra concert and you were going CRAZY the whole time. Steven could not believe how hard you were kicking and how much you were moving. As soon as the concert ended I'm sure you were pretty tuckered out and you stopped moving until I got in bed a little later.
You also wake up to the sound of Steven's alarm clock in the morning and even though I could sleep in an extra 30 minutes after Steven gets up you don't really let me. You just want to dance and I can't help but sit there for a while, with my hand on my stomach and I just feel you move. Such a great way to start the day.
You also LOVE church hymns. I love that you love hymns.  Every Sunday when we sing them it's like you get so excited to hear the hymns and you just can't contain yourself.
Last night your dad and I were talking about you and how it seems like you already have a personality... I know it sounds silly (since you aren't even born yet) but we like to believe it's true.
Yesterday I had another appointment. I now have a Dr.s Appointment every 2 weeks! That means it's starting to get close!!!
You did not get angry when this time when the Dr tried to hear your heart beat. You are getting so mature...
I found out that you are in the 57 percentile for your size, I have gained a total of 22 pounds since being pregnant, I do not have gestational diabetes, and I am still anemic... Over all it was a pretty good appointment. My Dr. even gave me a hug... It made me feel pretty good.
Alright baby, I should probably get going.
Love always!