Thursday, September 30, 2010

24 Weeks

Dear Baby,

I am sorry that I have been putting off writing on here for so long!
I can not believe how fast this pregnancy has gone! I always thought that pregnancy would drag on and on but really, it has been so fast and so wonderful. Besides the sickness early in my pregnancy, and the minor aches and pains I am feeling now (mainly in my lower back and ever stretching stomach) I have nothing to complain about.
The other night your dad and I were babysitting your 3 year old cousin Ella. When it was night time I got her dressed in her jammies, and had her pick out a few books for me to read to her. She went and sat in her bed and as I was getting ready to sit right next to her she looked at me and said,
"You're fat Emily."
I seriously laughed about that one for days.
I am getting big. My work pants are even snug when I leave the zipper down and do the rubber band trick, and my belly now catches all the food that does not make it to my mouth. It's awesome.
One of favorite things to do right now is lay down on my back with my head propped up and watch you kick away. It is so crazy that I can actually see my stomach move now when you kick it. Crazy I tell you!
We love you baby. I am so excited to see you and hold you!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

22 Weeks

Dear Baby,

It has been so fun to be able to feel you move around.  Although I am a little concered that you are so still during the day and CRAZY at night right when I am about drift off to dream land. Does this mean that you are going to be like this when you are born? Like a little owl. I sure hope not. Regardless, I love to feel you move! So does your dad. This part of my pregnancy has been the best so far.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

20 Weeks Ultra Sound

Dear Baby,

Here are some pictures of you! I may be a little biased but these are the cutest ultra sound pictures I have  ever seen...
Seriously, the one where I can see you profile and your hand is somewhere between your mouth and your eye and your little feet are kicked up, kills me. It is my favorite and it is currently the background on my cell phone. It makes me smile every time I see it.
Now, your dad gets kind of uncomfortable when I show people the picture below and he probably won't like that I am displaying this for all to see... come to think of it, you probably won't appreciate it when you are older either... But, I am posting it anyways!
(Arrows have been added by me! Just making sure no one missed anything...)

So... just in case you ever have any questions, you are DEFINITELY a boy. Wahoo!
Your dad felt you move for the first time the other night! I interrupted his homework time to make him put his hand on my belly. I wish that I took a picture of his face when he felt you moving. It was priceless and unbelievably cute. You were only moving for a few seconds but I am so, so happy that we can both feel you now!
Oh, by the way you are super healthy and doing well. We are very lucky.