Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the flirt

Winston, today I had a dr appointment and I took you with me. While we were at the office all the nurses and dr that delivered you were cooing over you. The whole time they were giving you attention you were smiling and making noises like crazy... as cute as it was (and trust me,it was adorable) I could not help but worry about what you are going to be like as a teenager with that flirtatious personality. But, I am not going to waste any more time thinking about that because for now I am loving every second of your flirtations. Oh and even more goodness... Thanks my dr appointment today you are going tO be an only child for a good while... But not too long.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 Months old!

Yes, you are 2 months old and I feel like time is going faster and faster. Today you had your two month check up. Which also means that you got your shots. Now, I have heard about those moms who cry and have a really hard time seeing their babies get shots and I was CONVINCED that I would be totally fine. It's just a little pain now to save you getting horrible diseases later. Getting sad about a few shots never made sense to me... Until today. Holy. The nurse asked me to hold your crazy little arms down (because they really are crazy and out of control all over the place). As soon as she pricked your leg you let out the biggest scream and cry I have ever heard from you. And that's when the tears starting coming. Really, I tried not to. but when you make faces like this... 
It's hard not to tear up a little bit.
So besides your shots we also got your measurements. Here are your stats from when you were 6 days old till now.
Age           Weight             Height            
6 days        5.3 lbs    2%     18 in   2%      
13 days      5.6 lbs    2%     19 in   9%
20 days      6.1 lbs    2%      n/a
2 months    9.7 lbs   10%    22 in  18%

Hooray! Even though you are quite small for your age you are growing like a weed! You are still sleeping through the night and I am still trying to work off the extra baby weight I gained. All our friends and family are obsessed with you and I really have the funnest time showing you off. You are smiling on the regular now and I seriously love it more and more every single time. I am so excited that you and your cousin, Payton, are basically the same age and hopefully you two will be the best of friends! Funny little story about your older cousin, Ella.
The day before Payton was born we went out to lunch with the family. Ella kept wanting to hold you while your grandma had you in her arms. So, to get Ella's mind off of holding you for a minute I asked her if she was excited to have a new baby sister. She said,
"Yes! Then I will have two babies!... Um... but I only have arms..."
You are so lucky to have such cute cousins!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blue Eyes and Smiles- 8 weeks old!

Baby Win,
Last weekend you had a sleepover with your Uncle Quinn. He loves you so much and wants to be around you as much as he possibly can! The night that he was over he was making you smile like crazy and of course I got my camera out and was taking pictures a mad women! 

I love, love, love when you smile!!! Also, your eyes are getting bluer and bluer every day! I hope that they stay blue but if not I will still love you. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011


We are going to do our very best to try to enjoy this Arizona weather this weekend. Wish us luck!


Before you were born your dad and I lived in Scottsdale. We both LOVED living there but unfortunately, renting a two bedroom condo was not cheap. So, we now live in my birth place, MESA! Now, I love me some Mesa but right now we are living in the... less desirable part of Mesa...
Here in Mesa we have a little nick name for Scottsdale. It is "Snottsdale." This is because Scottsdale is the richer, higher end city in Arizona. Therefore everyone that lives there are snots... or something.
Anyways, the other day my mom, you and I went down to Fashion Square mall to hit up H&M to exchange a suit for your missionary uncle, Cole. I was carrying you in my arms because I did not have the stroller with me (and because I really like you). On our way in we were stopped by a very kind, older, very gay, black man.
He took one look at you and asked me if you were a real baby. I said yes and flashed him a little bit of your cute face.
He sat there staring at you for an awkwardly long time.
Then he said, pointing to my mom and me,
"Now, who's baby is that?"
While pointing to my mom is asks,
"Is that your nanny?" (referring to me)
Before we could even respond he looks at me and says,
"Because that can't be your baby because you are only what... 16 maybe 17?"
 We laughed and kindly set him straight.
Only in Scottsdale would someone think that you would bring a nanny to hold your baby while you shop at the mall...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

7 weeks- A Milestone!

WINSTON! If you were not my favorite son before, you sure are now!
I finally moved you into your own room for the first time last night. Surprisingly I had a really hard time with it at first. I got you all ready for bed and then I sat and rocked you in the rocking chair for far longer than I should have. Your dad finally came in and gently picked you up and put you in your crib. For some reason I cried. Yes. Cried. I just cant believe how fast you are growing up. Heaven knows what I am going to do when you start walking, talking, go to your first day of school, go to your first school dance... Oh dear...
Anyways, we decided that we would let you cry for 15 minutes. After you cried for 15 minutes the first time your dad got up with you and put your pacifier back in. You LOVE that thing. After about 10 minutes of quite you started crying again and I went in and put your pacifier back in an swaddled you again... This happened two more times. Finally at about 1:00 in the morning you passed out and stayed asleep until 7:00!

This is what you looked like when I came to get you this morning.
Somehow you always manage to get out of your blanket no matter how tight we swaddle you.  

Friday, February 4, 2011

6 weeks!

My Winston,
You are now 6 weeks old and it kind of hurts my heart that time is going so fast . It has been so amazing having you in our home and in our lives.
I love watching you grow and learn.
You make all kinds of crazy faces and noices which keep us very entertained.
You LOVE your hands and they are very, very large for your little body.
You have ridiculously skinny, long arms.
You are now eating like a champ which is great news because when you were in the hospital you had a really, really hard time with it.
At your one week appointment you lost an ounce, so you were 5 pounds 4 ounces and everything else was perfectly healthy.
At your two week appointment you were 5 pounds 9 ounces and you grew an inch and are now 19 inches. My growing boy!
At 3 weeks you had an appointment just to get your weight checked and finally broke 6 pounds! You were 6 pounds and 4 ounces and growing like crazy!
You have your 2 month appointment in just a few short weeks and you will get all your shots : (. I am guessing that you will be close to 10 pounds.
You love to snuggle on my chest and you are only waking up once during the night (if you wake up at all).
I have way too much fun with your hair and I am not sure your dad appreciates it when I do your hair like you are my little doll. But really, it is so fun.
There is a picture that we have hanging up on the wall. It's a black and white photo of the temple that your dad got for me last Christmas. Well, it is your favorite. You could stare at that thing for hours if we let you. I think that it is adorable!
I know that all babies have that dark grayish blue color eyes for a while and you can't really tell their real eye color but, the shade of your eyes have gotten ligher and we are pretty sure that you are going to be a blue eyed boy just like your daddy!
So far the only things that you get from me are your tinny little booty, and your hair line...

However, you are constantly moving your hands so we are pretty sure that you are going to talk with your hands. If you do end up being a hand talker than you will get that from me!... Er...
Anyways, your new little cousin, Peyton Elizabeth, was born on the second! She is adorable and almost as little as you were when you were born. We took a picture of you next to her and I can't believe how much you have grown...

Wow! That's a lot of random information!!!
We sure do love you Winston!