Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How I told Steven (your dad) about you...

It has been brought to my attention that I never did share how I told Steven about you.
So, the day after I found out about you Steven and I went on a date. We did the typical movies, and dinner. We had a lot of fun.
I am going to honest. I was so scared to tell him about you and I kept putting it off "waiting for the perfect moment" because Steven LOVES plans.
Having you at this time was not in our plan and I had no idea how he would take the news.
I thought about doing something super cute and cheesy to tell him but seeing as how I wasn't sure how he was going to take it I decided to nix the idea.
It's kind of like in movies when you see a guy do this huge set up proposal to a girl and the girl had NO idea it was coming because they had never really ever discussed marriage before... The girl is caught off guard and has no idea what to do in the situation.(I hope I make a little bit of sense)and I did not want to put Steven in a situation where he felt awkward.
I decided that I would ease into it.
So as soon as we got home from our date I told Steven that he needed to sit down on the couch because I needed to talk to him.
(At this point Steven is wondering what he did wrong...)
I got up and paced around the room while Steven stared at me.
This went on for a while and I finally sat down, put my hands over my face, and said,
"Steven, I am probably pregnant."
He then smiled and said' "really?"
I asked him if he wanted to see the 5 tests I took but said no.
We then sat on the couch for a while and he wrapped his arms around me and we cried.
It took a few days for the reality of the news to really sink in. Our plans have now changed but we could not be more excited about it. If the Lord knows that we can handle a baby, why should we have any reason to doubt. He knows us better then we know ourselves and He knows what we need. We are just SO excited to be parents.

Appointment #2 (10 weeks)

Dear Baby,

Yesterday afternoon we went to our second Dr.'s appointment. It was amazing! We got to meet our Dr., Dr Bullero. She is adorable, pocket sized, and we love her.
We were also able to hear your heart beat again with a Doppler.
You were moving around SO MUCH. It took forever for the Dr to find your heart beat. Each time she would get close to hearing your heart you would kick off and swim somewhere else. We could hear the movements you were making and they made me laugh so hard. Which I am sure is one of the reasons that you kept moving. Your heart beat was a solid 163. Oh, and I gained 6 pounds on our trip...
Anyways I am so happy that you are healthy and growing and moving!

Monday, June 28, 2010

I changed my mind...

I now think that you are a girl! I am not sure what changed my mind...
So, we just got back from our traditional family vacation to Newport Beach Cali. I can't wait to take you next year. I hope that all of my boogie boarding did not bother you too much in there.
I will be 11 weeks tomorrow and my stomach is starting to expand just a bit. I don't think that anyone else can tell, but I sure can. It could just be fat though... I have been on vacation for a whole week and vacation= food. Lots of food. Speaking of food on Thursday the whole family walked down to the donut shop for breakfast. I got the usual, one maple and one chocolate long johh. But I did not stop there. I also got myself a corn dog for breakfast. My family found it quite funny but I don't understand why... These pregnancy cravings are seriously disgusting.
Well, I have my second appointment today and I am praying that I will get to hear your heart beat again!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Whatever gender you are...

...you are going to be STYLIN'

GAH! I cannot wait to see you and dress you.
It is my goal to keep to comfortable while still dressed cute. Which means no jeans. I HATE lounging in my jeans and since that is the only thing a baby does I can't imagine how uncomfortable it would be. I wish I could dress like a baby.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Morning Sickness

It happened. This morning I woke up, and ran to the bathroom to vomit. Steven was so proud. This has been by far the worst nausea I have ever had. I feel like I have been in a car that drives around and around in cricles, up and down for hours. But it's all worth it. I have heard that morning sickness is a sign of a healthy baby! I hope thats true so that there is something positive about it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week 8

Here is your first photo! We have other photos but this one is my favorite. Steven even has it set as the background on his cell phone.
Well, I am officially 8 weeks along!
Up to this point we have told family, friends, and Steven spilled the beans to a few co workers. It is just so hard to keep a secret like this.
The last few days have been especially hard for me. I wake up and I feel like I have been hit by a bus and I feel that way a majority of the day. I have not thrown up yet but I have been so nauseous that I wish I could throw up. Saltine crackers were my best friends for about a week. Now, I swear if I see another one I will... throw up. Which actually might not be a bad thing.
It is amazing to me how something SO SMALL (you) can cause this much craziness.

So, last night I had a dream that I went to get an ultra sound. Steven stayed home to do something unimportant (which would never happen in real life) and instead my mom came with me. We found out that you were a girl. This morning when I woke up I told Steven. He was excited because he is POSITIVE you are a girl. But I think you are a boy... although I am second guessing myself since that dream...
Anyways, you have a lot of growing to do this week! Have fun.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Ultra Sound- Back to 7 weeks

Dear Baby,

You really are there. Living inside of ME. I still can't believe that you are there. And healthy so far. We heard your heart beat today for the first time. It was an amazing experience. We got a few pictures of you (looking like an alien). Your heart beat was 130 and you are still just a little peanut.
Today we also found out that I was a little off in my calculating. I am ONLY 7 weeks along. Uh. It feels like this is going to last forever...
The sweetest part of the appointment (apart from hearing the heart beat) was when Steven got so excited that he took a video of your heart beating on the screen with his phone. He is so excited to be a dad. As soon as I figure out how to post a video on here,I will post it. Seriously, amazing!
So far we have only told immediate family, grandparents, and close friends the news. They are all so excited... Well except for Quinn. He thinks that once you are born he will be "old." Don't worry, he will only be 9. And I think his jealousy might have something to do with it... It is so hard to keep you a secret from everyone else because all I want to do is talk about you.
Up to this point I have been bloated, and nauseous and I have not had any consistent cravings except for Sausage McGriddles at McDonald's. It's gross, I know.
We hope and pray every day that you will grow big, healthy and strong.
I am pretty positive you are a boy. My family is really good at making boys... but Steven's is good at making girls... naturally he thinks that you are going to be a girl.
Either way we don't care what you are. We just hope that are healthy!