Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pregnant Feet

Yes, I know my feet are gross. Someone (that would be me) needs a pedi pronto!

Yesterday I sent this picture to my mom.
She was at work (as a labor and delivery nurse at the hospital I am delivering you in) and she told me that I needed to come in immediately and have my blood pressure taken. I guess that she thought my feet  and ankles looked a little swollen???

So, on my lunch break I made the trip down to the hospital to get my blood pressure taken (mostly to please my mom). I thought it would be a short little nothing and I could grab some food, and be back to work before my hour lunch break was over.
I walked into the hospital lobby and waited for my mom to come take my BP. She took it and discovered that it was high for me. Then she continued to gawk at how swollen my feet, hands, and face were. It was awesome.
From there my mom suggested that I go over to triage to have some tests done...
So I headed into triage and got a little comfyy room. I got hooked up to a machine that monitored you and me and I also had my blood pressure taken every few minutes.
After a few minutes of getting settled in the room my nurse walked back in and looked at the screen that was monitoring me.
She told me that aapparently I had three contractions in a row without even realizing it. I continued to have contractions until I was given a shot and an IV.
Getting the IV was a little tricky. Since I was so swollen, they could not find a vien in my writs. Luckily though I had one vein that was shouting "pick me, pick me" in my right hand so I didn't have to get poked again and again.
I had some tests done and it turns out that I have a little infection that was was causing the contractions that I am now taking medication for.
Besides having the high BP I am still not exactly sure what caused the swelling of my body and considering that I am still swollen, I think this just might be something that I am going to have to deal with till the end of this pregnancy. The good news is that you are still doing great! You were moving around and kicking like crazy.
Even though I may have protested at first, I am certainly glad I went. I learned my lesson and will be much more careful from now on! I want you to be a big chunky baby and that's not gonna happen if I don't take care of myself and get you to bake longer.
So, for being my first little hospital visit/ scare since being pregnant it was not that bad. I just hope I don't have to go back till January!
(Or at least after my baby shower...)


  1. I had pretty high blood pressure with this one, too. I'm not really sure what you can do about it - it never got dangerously high, just high-ish. I didn't really care that I was poofy. As long as the poofiness didn't hurt, I was cool with it. I think you lose all sense of vanity when you're preggo.

  2. Ah Emily! that sounds like what happened to me! but mine was preeclampsia which ended up getting me to labor and delivery that day! i dont know how to avoid it, but that's good you have people monitoring you, it can be dangerous! good luck