Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dr. Appointment- 35 weeks

Alright Winston.
How do I go my whole pregnancy perfectly healthy and fine and then BAM! all of a sudden my body hates being pregnant?
Yesterday I had another Dr.s appointment. I am going to try to explain what I learned as much as possible.
So, my blood pressure is still high, and I just found out that I have a little protein in my urine. At this point I am on the fast track to developing preeclampsia .
Dr.s orders I have to be on my side 100% of the time... I am not sure how on earth I am going to do that...
The point of me going to bed rest is to put off getting sicker for as long as I can because I soon as I do get sicker, you are coming out and you need to bake a little longer.
I have to go the hospital every couple days to have my blood pressure, blood and urine tested and as soon as they indicate that I have preeclampsia I am getting induced.
Also, I have an ultra sound on Monday morning to make sure that you are still doing good and if there is anything wrong with you... you guessed it, I am getting induced!
The only way for me not to be sick anymore is to have you. So, you staying in me longer is good for you, but bad for me. If I get too sick however, it could be bad for both of us... UH!
This pregnancy stuff is so weird! I just want you to be healthy!
Sitting on the couch all day has not been too bad. I have watched all the seasons of cake boss, re watched most of arrested development, and crocheted so much my hands hurt.
Sometimes I just get a little lonely, and hungry... Thank goodness I have friends that come to visit me and bring me food! What a lucky girl I am.
Winston, I love you... Just be healthy!


  1. Oh no fun! Take it super easy. If you're interested, Mike and I have most of the seasons of Alias (it's an addiction of mine). Maybe this means you'll have a Christmas baby!

  2. I really feel for you! Trent told me today that Steve called and told him everything that has been going on with you! I'm so sorry that has happened, but at least you are being monitored and they know how to treat you! Even though I can't come visit you, I still would love to help! Preeclampsia is not fun I would know.....if you ever want to talk I'm home all day with Colin:) please call 801-647-0709!

  3. Shirley- How are you doing with your pregnancy??? Yeah, a December baby would be Steven's dream. It's the accountant in him and he wants that tax money!
    Alysa- You are so sweet! Bed rest is not so bad... I am just super worried about the little guy getting sick. Preeclampsia is seriously cramping my style right now!

  4. Oh, you poor, poor girl. I am so sorry. On the upside, getting induced is super-fun. I was induced when I was pregnant with Sadie, my daughter who looks like Kregg. Not kidding. Spittin' image. The nurses called it the Princess Delivery. You don't have to feel a single labor pain. Ahhhh. I remember I watched a James Bond marathon that day. It was the best. I'm hoping that Winston bakes a little longer, but if you end up needing to be induced, like, maybe only two weeks before your due date or something, then you are good to go!!