Monday, November 21, 2011

10 months and walking!

This is how your shirts are looking lately... Super dirty and I don't even care.

Can you even believe you are at this stage? I cannot.
Last Sunday we were hanging out in the back of the Sunday school classroom during church (the back of the room is where those of us with babies go so as to not disrupt those who are actually learning something. It's actually great because you now have lots of little friends).
Anyways, you have really been into holding my hand while we walk around together. So, on Sunday your hand was in mine and we were walking around and all of sudden the cutest little girl just older than you walked by you and she wanted to play with you.
You saw her. Let go of my hand. And kept walking toward this little girl and you have been walking ever since. WHO CHASES AFTER A GIRL AT 10 MONTHS? I am sweaty for your teenage years.
I am so glad that your dad and I were both there to witness you walking for the first time.
You always get SO EXCITED when you do something new and we have learned that sometimes when you realize you are walking by yourself you get really excited and you giggle so much that it makes you fall. No laughing and walking for Winston. You will figure it out someday. But take your time. Don't grow up too fast!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Cabinets

It turns out that your new favorite thing to do is getting into the cabinets and taking out everything. I can't even count how may times I clean up the cabinet messes you make in one day. But you are so cute no matter what you do that I just have to take pictures. And it turns out that you no longer give me a normal smile. And I kind of love it.