Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just some thoughts.

Now that this pregnancy is about to come to a close (CRAZY!!!) I have been doing a lot of reflecting on the past 9 or so months. I have decided that there are some things that I am going to miss about pregnancy...
- Like feeling my baby move and always knowing that he is there inside of me safe and warm.
- My stretchy pants that I don't have to button or zip.
- I am going to miss how fast my hair has grown. It is like a weed!
- Oddly enough (this one is going to shock my husband) I am going to miss trying to find clothes to wear with my new accessory, the bump.
- I am going to miss the way that people treat me (kind of). For example, I will  miss that I always get first dibs on seats and if anyone ever has left over food guess who is the first person to get offered some?
- Speaking of food I am going to miss getting to eat pretty much anything I want and saying "baby wants it" or "I am totally craving this right now!"
- I am going to miss being able to use the "I'm pregnant" excuse every time I do something stupid or forget something.

I feel like this time being pregnant has flown by! I told Steven last night that I might even do this whole pregnancy thing again someday... :) Hopefully we will be little better at planning next time around.

With all the things I am going to miss about pregnancy there are for sure more things that I am looking forward to with not being pregnant...
-Like having a brand new baby here straight from heaven.
- Getting to snuggle him and dress him.
- Getting to see Steven as a dad.
- Getting be  MOM!... and so on
and now on to more vain things...
- I am excited to have my body back! I know this one may take a while but I am looking forward to it.
- I am excited to be able to shave my legs without having a bump in the way and having to manuver around it.
- I am excited to no longer have horrendous heart burn or the ridiculous hair that has been covering my body or basically any of the pregnancy symptoms that are no fun.
I know that I am forgetting tons of things in all catergories but I wanted to get this out before I forgot about it!
I am having a really hard time sleeping. Not just because I am so uncomfortable but because I am so sticking excited!!! My mind has way too much to think about to sleep! Just a few more days!!!


  1. This is so exciting! Congratulations! And Emily, get AS MUCH sleep as you can now. You will need it. Good luck!

  2. I agree with austin and kaitie - sleep, sleep, sleep. If you can't sleep, get up, read for half an hour, then try again. That is a really good trick my gynie taught me. Can I tell you how much I LOVE not being pregnant? And, as of Thursday, I won't ever, ever be preggo again - Ben's getting a vasectomy! Whoo-hooooo!!!!