Saturday, December 18, 2010

36 Weeks- The final days

Dear Winston,
I just got back from the hospital to get more testing done. My body really hates being pregnant now.
When I first got into triage and had my blood pressure taken it was 150 over 104. Luckily though it steadily went down a little once I got onto my side.
My doctor came in to see me and decided that instead of waiting for me to get really sick she was just going to induce me to not risk the complications that could come.
I am now dialated to a 1 and you head is really low. That makes it really uncomfortable for me but at least things are progressing before I get induced.
I have an ultra sound on Monday morning and if everything with you looks good I am going to start the process of being induced on Tuesday the 21st at 9:00 PM and you will probably be here on Wednesday the 22! I can't even believe it!
You are going to be about a week old for the baby shower... Poor, poor planning...
I am glad though that most of my family will be in town and you will be here for Christmas!! CRAZY!!!
Since being on bed rest my friends and family have been so amazing!
Joni and Hailee have been keeping me company so I don't go too crazy and last night we had some friends over for games for Hailee's husbands Birthday. It was wonderful!
My mom has been especially helpful. I have been calling her for just about anything and everything. I love that my mom is a labor and delivery nurse and really knows her stuff. Yesterday she came over and gave me pedicure! With a foot scrub/ massage, paint, flowers and the works. I can't believe she was even brave enough to go near my feet. I am really, really grateful though that she did because my feet needed some attention BADLY. It's only over a year since I last had a pedicure...
Now, I am not going to lie. I am scared out of my mind. Your dad, however is all smiles and SO, SO excited. I love him. He helps me to stay calm.
I can't believe that by this time next week you will be here and I will be a mom! Now I don't feel so bad that I was not able to finish Christmas shopping before getting put on bed rest. Having you will be the most amazing Christmas present in the world... Now I just need to figure out how I am going to top that for next year.

Pictures taken by Larry Reeves.
Me at 30 ish weeks

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  1. Holy crap!!! I cannot believe you will be induced on Tuesday! That is so exciting!!!! Holy crap!! Can you even believe it??? I'm just so excited for you!!!!