Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I have realized that unfortunately there is no way for me to slow down time. So every moment I have with you is a special one. 
You are keeping me so BUSY! Within a few weeks of turning 7 months you started standing and walking along any and every edge you could find. So, obviously you have been falling much more and making more messes. Long gone are the days when I could lay you beside me on the couch and know that you would be completely content laying there. If I did that now, you would just crawl right off.
Among your ramblings (which are often and very loud) you have been saying ba ba and da da. When you are whining or crying you say momma. Although it makes me super happy I am almost positive that you have no idea what they mean so I am not sure I can count them. But you still say them so you are getting there! 
You have this thing with sticking out your tongue.

For some reason you like to crawl like a bear. I love it and think it's cute. Obviously.

You LOVE other kids and playing with them. Anytime you see another kid (or your own reflection in the mirror) you get super excited. It's the best.

The other day you were walking around the house while pushing the garbage can along and you fell and got your first little cut. The garbage can is now in our pantry where you cannot get it.

Your favorite time of the day is when your dad comes home.

You seriously get so giggly. You love him.

You love to play. If I am sitting on the couch and you are around you will play with your toys for a little bit and then crawl up to my lap and try to get me to play with you. I love it. Also, if I have anything you automatically want it. It's cute. Most of the time.

You love puppies (who doesn't?).

You love the camera and every time I take it out now you automatically smile for it (the one thing I have taught you) and then you try to grab it.

You love standing up, and you love taking baths. And I love your cute little buns!

Dumpster diving. You know. (another reason the garbage can has been put away).

My favorite thing that you are doing lately. Playing with books. I read to you almost every day and I hope that you learn to love them.

When ever I am on the laptop you crawl up to it, put your little hand over the top, and try to suck on it. You would rather play with my cell phone, tv remote, or laptop over all of your toys.

Your little personality is coming out more and more and I LOVE it! You make me so excited to have more children someday. 

I love you.

P.S. I forgot to mention that on the day you turned 8 months you got your second hair cut. It looks sharp!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

7 Months! Wowza!

So technically today you are 7 months and 1 week old and more amazing than ever! This month you have grown SO MUCH! It's pretty incredible.
You are CRAWLING and getting into everything. You are really good at crawling but if you really want something (like your dad's iphone) you sometimes kinda do the worm to get it which is hilarious.
When it is just our family at home and just you and me during the day you turn into a giggle bug. I seriously get an ab work out by laughing with you all day. Sometimes I will just turn and look at you and you will bust up laughing. It is precious.
So, yesterday I put you into your crib for a nap. When I came into your room to get you when you woke up you were holding yourself up and STANDING reaching over the crib to the chair beside it. You actually took the blanket in the chair off. Time to rearrange the furniture! It's crazy how fast you are growing! I love it. Well... Sometimes.
Also you are still fake  coughing. Even more now. If we don't give you attention or you want something you will cough instead of cry. Or sometimes you just hum. I swear you are sooo close to saying momma!
You are just so dang cute and I love you to pieces! I am so glad that you are my little boy.