Friday, February 11, 2011


Before you were born your dad and I lived in Scottsdale. We both LOVED living there but unfortunately, renting a two bedroom condo was not cheap. So, we now live in my birth place, MESA! Now, I love me some Mesa but right now we are living in the... less desirable part of Mesa...
Here in Mesa we have a little nick name for Scottsdale. It is "Snottsdale." This is because Scottsdale is the richer, higher end city in Arizona. Therefore everyone that lives there are snots... or something.
Anyways, the other day my mom, you and I went down to Fashion Square mall to hit up H&M to exchange a suit for your missionary uncle, Cole. I was carrying you in my arms because I did not have the stroller with me (and because I really like you). On our way in we were stopped by a very kind, older, very gay, black man.
He took one look at you and asked me if you were a real baby. I said yes and flashed him a little bit of your cute face.
He sat there staring at you for an awkwardly long time.
Then he said, pointing to my mom and me,
"Now, who's baby is that?"
While pointing to my mom is asks,
"Is that your nanny?" (referring to me)
Before we could even respond he looks at me and says,
"Because that can't be your baby because you are only what... 16 maybe 17?"
 We laughed and kindly set him straight.
Only in Scottsdale would someone think that you would bring a nanny to hold your baby while you shop at the mall...


  1. Ah yes, that is funny on so many levels.

  2. Hahaha! Nat and I had our kids at the beach in San Diego a few years ago, and we got asked if we were nannies. Uh, no...