Wednesday, February 9, 2011

7 weeks- A Milestone!

WINSTON! If you were not my favorite son before, you sure are now!
I finally moved you into your own room for the first time last night. Surprisingly I had a really hard time with it at first. I got you all ready for bed and then I sat and rocked you in the rocking chair for far longer than I should have. Your dad finally came in and gently picked you up and put you in your crib. For some reason I cried. Yes. Cried. I just cant believe how fast you are growing up. Heaven knows what I am going to do when you start walking, talking, go to your first day of school, go to your first school dance... Oh dear...
Anyways, we decided that we would let you cry for 15 minutes. After you cried for 15 minutes the first time your dad got up with you and put your pacifier back in. You LOVE that thing. After about 10 minutes of quite you started crying again and I went in and put your pacifier back in an swaddled you again... This happened two more times. Finally at about 1:00 in the morning you passed out and stayed asleep until 7:00!

This is what you looked like when I came to get you this morning.
Somehow you always manage to get out of your blanket no matter how tight we swaddle you.  

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  1. Good job, Mommy. It's hard to let them cry it out, but you're doing the right thing. Have I ever told you about Baby Wise? It's a book about babies and sleep. It has saved my life. My babies, from about two weeks old on, know how to go to sleep by themselves when I lay them down. It's a lifesaver.