Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 Months old!

Yes, you are 2 months old and I feel like time is going faster and faster. Today you had your two month check up. Which also means that you got your shots. Now, I have heard about those moms who cry and have a really hard time seeing their babies get shots and I was CONVINCED that I would be totally fine. It's just a little pain now to save you getting horrible diseases later. Getting sad about a few shots never made sense to me... Until today. Holy. The nurse asked me to hold your crazy little arms down (because they really are crazy and out of control all over the place). As soon as she pricked your leg you let out the biggest scream and cry I have ever heard from you. And that's when the tears starting coming. Really, I tried not to. but when you make faces like this... 
It's hard not to tear up a little bit.
So besides your shots we also got your measurements. Here are your stats from when you were 6 days old till now.
Age           Weight             Height            
6 days        5.3 lbs    2%     18 in   2%      
13 days      5.6 lbs    2%     19 in   9%
20 days      6.1 lbs    2%      n/a
2 months    9.7 lbs   10%    22 in  18%

Hooray! Even though you are quite small for your age you are growing like a weed! You are still sleeping through the night and I am still trying to work off the extra baby weight I gained. All our friends and family are obsessed with you and I really have the funnest time showing you off. You are smiling on the regular now and I seriously love it more and more every single time. I am so excited that you and your cousin, Payton, are basically the same age and hopefully you two will be the best of friends! Funny little story about your older cousin, Ella.
The day before Payton was born we went out to lunch with the family. Ella kept wanting to hold you while your grandma had you in her arms. So, to get Ella's mind off of holding you for a minute I asked her if she was excited to have a new baby sister. She said,
"Yes! Then I will have two babies!... Um... but I only have arms..."
You are so lucky to have such cute cousins!


  1. Wait a minute... Is Payton Jordyn's new baby??? I didn't think she was due for like another few months!!!

  2. Yes! Her due date was the middle of this month and she was born on the second. I think she was about 2 weeks early. She is adorable.