Thursday, February 23, 2012

14 Months!

It is getting pretty crazy around here. You have now entered THE CLIMBING PHASE. 
This phase is the scariest yet. I can't look away from you for a second or you will be climbing up a chair and onto a table or couch or wall (yes, this has happened) box, or anything. Sometimes you somehow find your way on top of the kitchen table and as soon as you get up there, you dance. I don't know why you do this but I love it (the dancing- not the climbing). Now all of the kitchen chairs are on top of the table so that you cant get on top of it. 

 This chair is one that I don't mind you climbing up on. This was the chair that I was rocked in when I was a baby. My mom and I (mostly my mom) re covered the chair to match your room.
I was read many books, rocked many times, and sung many songs in this chair. I love it. Even the creaking it makes every time it rocks.
I catch you sitting on this chair, with a book on your lap, on a daily basis. You LOVE books so much. You make me read to you at least 5 times every day. I have pretty much memorized all your books. It's time to get some new ones... I love that you love books and I hope this stays with you throughout your life.
 You now say milk and more which both sound like "mmmm". When you want milk you usually bring me your bottle or stand by the fridge and say "mmmmm" or when you want more you are usually sitting in your high chair asking for more food. That is how I know the difference.
You are understanding so much now! When you have a poopy diaper you bring me your diaper and grab your wipes. You are a dream come true. Except that when I go to put your new diaper on your fight me the entire time! I don't get why you fight. Because I ALWAYS win.
You are talking and babbling non stop now. It is soooo funny to us. You say something in your baby language and then look at us as if we know exactly what you are saying. It is too funny.
You know where your nose, mouth, and eyes are and you love to show other people where there face parts are too. You especially love noses.
You really, really, really like babies and especially your little buddy, Kingston. You love to pet his head which is so nice and you also love to show him where his eyes are. By poking them. Not so nice but we are learning! Hard to believe these boys are only one year apart...
 You have officially discovered the pots and pans cabinet. Trying to fit into the pots has been a favorite of yours the last couple days... Why?
 Having a backyard has been your favorite (and mine too). You love to climb right up into the chair and sit there (with a book or ball) until one of us comes and gets you.
 Playing with dad is a Winston favorite...
You still don't like mommy kisses. We are going to work on that. You are such a boy... but I love it! 
You do, however, really enjoy grabbing my hand and talking me on adventures all around the house. Most of the time you lead me to the front door, back door, my room or your room. If the bathroom door happens to be open (this is rare) then you always find out and I catch you trying to drop something (most of the time a brush of mine) into the toilet.
We have decided to now direct our Family Home Evenings to you. We basically just sing songs with awesome lessons (like I am a child of God) and a few fun ones (like the ittsy bittsy spider). Soon we will be able to do something with a little more substance. Speaking of songs you still love doing patty cake and you do this little piggy. On yourself. When I start the song you stop whatever you are doing and bend over and touch your toes and when I say we, we,we you throw your hands in the air... I could go on  and on about how awesome you are little man.
Having a boy is keeping me on my toes. It is so much fun and a little bit exhausting but I would not trade it for the world!

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