Monday, March 26, 2012

15 Months!

On the 22 you turned 15 months!

Stats: WEIGHT- 22 lbs 17%
          HEIGHT- 32 in 77%
          HEAD CIRC.- 19 in 85%

Still tall and skinny with a big head. The Dr. was a little concerned about your weight but we are going to get it up before your next appointment. You are a really weird eater so hopefully I can figure something out to get some meat on you. I am thinking sticks of butter?

You are growing so much and getting smarter, funnier everyday.
You have this little cart that you love to sit in and push around and the other day you insisted on taking it around the block all by yourself.

You are still climbing like crazy and getting into everything.

You love being naked...

You have 7 teeth and show no sign of getting any new ones any time soon.
Church with you has gotten even harder. I have been taking you to nursery when you won't cooperate in class and sitting with you. This happens every Sunday almost the whole 2 hours. You do very well and love playing with the older kids. I am hoping that you are this good in 3 months when you get to go to nursery all by yourself (I am very excited for this day).  I have made friends with all the moms with kids your age that hang out in the hall ways during Sacrament meeting. I feel like we are all in our own special club and it is downright fun.
You have now entered the kissing phase. It makes me so giddy. Sometimes I get really lucky and you give me an open mouth kiss. Complete with drool.
You have now developed a serious case of motion sickness. This is the worst. Thank goodness we don't drive very often, but when we do you almost alway vomit. And not just a little bit. You empty your stomach and then some. I talked to your doctor about it and he gave me some pointers (since there is really no drug you can take at this age) so we will see if they work. We are supposed to be going to Utah soon and I hope we can figure it out by then or that is going to be a miserable trip.
Your new favorite toy is the "new to us" piano we just got.

Probably my favorite thing ever happened this past month. We have a beautiful water color of Jesus hanging in our living room.
I often hold you and stand in front of the picture and ask, "Who is that?" and then I tell you it is Jesus and you get super excited. Well, now when I ask you where Jesus is you run over and point to the picture. I can't believe how something so simple can make me so happy. Sometimes if I am lucky I catch you standing by it all by yourself saying "Sesus," your adorable way of saying His name.
Because of this (I think) you have said your first sentence which is, who is that?
You are also saying, who is this, what is that, and what is this?

You are understanding so much now. Probably too much to write down. I think you are super smart.
I love you baby boy. Words cannot express how much I love being your mother. You are so special to me.

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