Tuesday, January 31, 2012

13 Months!

I am having so much fun being your mom. You keep me laughing every single day. I love that your personality and sense of humor are getting so developed.
At 13 months you are more active than ever.
This month you have been especially attached to me which has made getting anything done extra difficult. But I love that you will let me hold you and you snuggle me. It really is wonderful being able to have those tender moments with you.
You LOVE any fruit... When I gave you a slice of orange you even ate the rind and still wanted more.
You understand:
Go get the ball
Throw the ball
Come find me
Where is Winston? (every time I ask this and you are hiding you giggle)
I'm gonna get you! (that sounds creepy...)
You say "woof" when you hear a dog bark and "vvvvvv" when you are playing with cars.
Your new words that you say are:
Teddy (my parents dog)

You are terrified of the vacuum or any loud noise.

You love playing with any kind of remote, game control, or phone. This is what happened to my cell phone when I let you play with it...
 Your current favorite toys are anything with bristles. You often go into the bathroom, open the drawer, reach into it to grab my brush or comb, and walk out brushing your hair... I don't think it's your dad's most favorite thing but I think it's hilarious. If there is a broom in a house you have some sort of super sense and you will find it! You LOVE brooms.
You love throwing balls (your dad does love this). You would do this all day if you could. 
You love hanging out on the bean bag and watching the boys play video games...
You love to dance!
For some reason you love getting into baskets...

You also love to sing...

Being your mom is still the best thing ever. You dad and I love you so much, Winston. I think it's safe to that you are our favorite child. 

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  1. Oh, I love that little scrunchy-nosed smile he has. What a babe. I can't believe how mature he is. For reals. He's doing stuff that my 18-month-old is just starting to do. Amazing.