Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Story: part two

Continuation from previous post...
Your dad sat on the couch crocheting up a storm and everyone that came in the room could not help but comment on the creations he was making. They were pretty.
Somewhere between 5 and 6 am I got up to go to the bathroom and as soon as I got up I was convinced that I peed my pants and I immediately sat back down on my bed and told your dad what I thought I had done. I was embarrassed. However, I picked myself back up and and headed to the bathroom anyways.
A little bit later my nurse came back into the room to check me again and found out that water had broken all on its own! Even better news is that I was dilated to a four! Exciting.
Very shortly after that I started to really feel the contractions... They were so not fun. They were getting closer and closer and with each one I would cling to the side of the bed, talk myself through them, and make your dad squeeze my leg. I am not sure why but it seemed to help.
The nurse came in and asked me what my pain level was... Unsure of what to compare the pain to I said a four... Stupid on my part since that was the worst pain I felt during the entire process from beginning to end... Anyways, she asked if I wanted the epidural then and stupidly (again) I said no. I said no for two reasons. One- the obvious. I have heard more horror stories about the epidural than I have actual labor and I was a bit scared of the big needle so I wanted to put it off a little while longer. And two- on TV they make everything SO dramatic. Surprise! I was going to wait until I was screaming in pain until I got the epidural because that's how it happens on TV... (stupid)
So the nurse offered me something else that only lasts about an hour but "helps" with the contractions. I said yes.
Woo, the nurse told me that it might make me a little loopy but holy cow! I felt like I was totally out of it. However, I could still feel the pain of the contractions, I just did not care as much about them. My mind was in a totally different place. It was weird.
Around that time my mom came into the room to hang out (so grateful she was there) and when the medication started to wear off she convinced me to get the epidural instead of dealing with the contraction pains any longer.
Getting the epidural was one of the highlights of the whole experience for me...
To be continued. You are crying in your crib Winston so I have to cut this story short so I can dedicate myself completely to looking at you.

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  1. Epidurals are straight from heaven. Dude, I think they gave me that same loopy drug that they gave you. I have never been stoned before, and I hated it. It's like I knew I was stoned, and I was frustrated about it, but couldn't do anything about it.