Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Ultra Sound- Back to 7 weeks

Dear Baby,

You really are there. Living inside of ME. I still can't believe that you are there. And healthy so far. We heard your heart beat today for the first time. It was an amazing experience. We got a few pictures of you (looking like an alien). Your heart beat was 130 and you are still just a little peanut.
Today we also found out that I was a little off in my calculating. I am ONLY 7 weeks along. Uh. It feels like this is going to last forever...
The sweetest part of the appointment (apart from hearing the heart beat) was when Steven got so excited that he took a video of your heart beating on the screen with his phone. He is so excited to be a dad. As soon as I figure out how to post a video on here,I will post it. Seriously, amazing!
So far we have only told immediate family, grandparents, and close friends the news. They are all so excited... Well except for Quinn. He thinks that once you are born he will be "old." Don't worry, he will only be 9. And I think his jealousy might have something to do with it... It is so hard to keep you a secret from everyone else because all I want to do is talk about you.
Up to this point I have been bloated, and nauseous and I have not had any consistent cravings except for Sausage McGriddles at McDonald's. It's gross, I know.
We hope and pray every day that you will grow big, healthy and strong.
I am pretty positive you are a boy. My family is really good at making boys... but Steven's is good at making girls... naturally he thinks that you are going to be a girl.
Either way we don't care what you are. We just hope that are healthy!

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  1. I, too, craved McDonalds only when I was pregnant. Greasy food was the only thing that settled my stomach!!