Friday, December 30, 2011

One Year- Stats

I took you to the Dr. 2 days ago! Here is what your stats are.
Weight: 20.4 lbs.  15%
Height: 30.3 in. 65%
Head Circ: 18.7 in 80%

So, you are tall, skinny with a biiiig head. You can't even tell that it's big though. It might be because of your flowing golden locks. 
You are right on track with all the things you are supposed to be doing which makes me glad!
You had 5 shots and 2 finger pricks. Breaks my heart every time. We found out that (just like me) you are anemic. That just means that you don't have enough iron in your blood and it makes you feel run down and tired. So! I have to give you iron supplements every day (in the form of drops) for a month and then you have another appointment to see how they are working for you. Other than that it was a good appointment and even though you are still a little guy and are growing!

I have a Birthday party post coming up soon but I wanted to post this while I was thinking about it. 

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  1. I can't believe how much he is growing! I think the last time I saw him was at xellys birthday.