Thursday, October 20, 2011

9 Months- Sooooo late...


**Well I have been meaning to post this for a month now. Luckily I had it all written up and I just needed to ad the photos. Now that they have been added, enjoy!**
At you 9 month appointment we discovered that you are 18 pounds (21%) 29 inches long (74%) Head Circ. (75%). So you are mostly average, but on the small side in weight.
I want to tell you about your little teethers. While you were 8 months when you got your first tooth (the same age I was!). It is your bottom front right tooth. We got pretty excited... and then you turned crazy! You have been having a pretty hard time with teething. You now have your bottom left front tooth and last night I discovered your top right front tooth is coming in! Every time you get a new tooth your whole schedule gets thrown off. Lately you have been going to bed at 8:00pm and waking up at 7:00- 7:30am. It's been awesome. While teething you will stay up later than 9:00pm playing or crying and refuse to go to sleep. Then (just like this morning) you will wake up crying at 4:30am. It's really sad.
Speaking of crying in the morning I wanted to tell you one of my favorite things that you do! I have probably mentioned this before but in the mornings when you wake up you hardly ever cry. You just coo or babble until one of us gets you. It's the cutest thing and I love it!
Just before turing 9 months we took you to your first water park, Wet and Wild! You actually loved it. I took lots of video. Don't even worry. We really had so much fun that day as a family.
You know say two words and you actually kind of know what they mean! You now say HEY! It's the most adorable thing. You now actually call me momma! Even though you said it before I didn't really count it as a word because it was more like babbling. But now! If you want my attention you just say mom or momma. Of course I melt every time.
You are REALLY loud and you babble all the time. It's seriously SO funny. I can't help but laugh no matter where we are.
You understand some words but my favorite one is "cheeeese" (as in SAY cheeeese while I take your picture).
Whenever I say it you smile. Speaking of your smile, you now have a few different ones. Like these. You like to scrunch up your face. It's the best ever. The. Best.