Tuesday, August 2, 2011

7 Months! Wowza!

So technically today you are 7 months and 1 week old and more amazing than ever! This month you have grown SO MUCH! It's pretty incredible.
You are CRAWLING and getting into everything. You are really good at crawling but if you really want something (like your dad's iphone) you sometimes kinda do the worm to get it which is hilarious.
When it is just our family at home and just you and me during the day you turn into a giggle bug. I seriously get an ab work out by laughing with you all day. Sometimes I will just turn and look at you and you will bust up laughing. It is precious.
So, yesterday I put you into your crib for a nap. When I came into your room to get you when you woke up you were holding yourself up and STANDING reaching over the crib to the chair beside it. You actually took the blanket in the chair off. Time to rearrange the furniture! It's crazy how fast you are growing! I love it. Well... Sometimes.
Also you are still fake  coughing. Even more now. If we don't give you attention or you want something you will cough instead of cry. Or sometimes you just hum. I swear you are sooo close to saying momma!
You are just so dang cute and I love you to pieces! I am so glad that you are my little boy.

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