Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Baby: 28 Weeks

I know I say this all the time but time is really flying!
Now, since you have been reading all about me up till this point I figured that now would be a good time to tell you a little more about your dad.
Last night Steven went and played basketball at the church and I stayed home to clean. I cleaned from the kitchen to your room and I started going through all your clothes... again (I didn't really get much cleaning done in your room). While I was sitting on your floor, day dreaming about you, I got a little too cozy and fell asleep.
Normally I like to stay up and wait for your dad but lately you have made me so darn tired and I couldn't help myself and somehow I made it from your room into my bed and I fell asleep again.
Not much later I heard the front door open and Steven started to call my name. He came into the room, sat right next to me and started to tell me about his day.
As we sat in bed Steven held me and told me how grateful he is for families, and how excited he is for you to come. It was such a tender moment.
Steven has had families and babies on his mind lately but especially the last few days.
Steven's best friend and wife had their first baby boy in Utah. We are so excited for you to meet him when you get here so the two of you can be best friends! Steven is so beyond excited for his friends family and we cannot wait to meet the new baby fresh from Heaven.
I think the birth of Steven's best friends son made you even more real to him. The realization that we are soon going to be parents to care for you , teach you, and love you is finally setting in.
You are so lucky to have Steven as your dad.
He is so loving and generous. He might give you anything you want if you look at him the right way.
He loves to serve others, especially his family.
He is very talented and can teach you all kinds of neat things (If you want to know anything about sports always go to him, never me).
He is goofy and so fun.
He is smart and determined.
He is a hard worker and earns everything he has.
He has a deep love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has a strong, deep testimony of him and our Heavenly Father.
He lived his life so that we could be married in the temple so that we could be a family forever. That is just about one of the most comforting blessings I can think of.
Baby, I want you to know that I love your dad. I am so blessed to have him in my life and I hope that you learn from his example.
Baby, you are so loved. We can't wait to meet you!

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  1. Time really is flying! Baby Hale is so lucky to be joining your family.