Wednesday, July 28, 2010

15 weeks 5 days

Baby boy,
Yesterday I had another Dr. appointment. It was very routine (as they will be for a while) and we got to hear your heart beat again! Since I am not showing too much, and I can't feel you move yet, hearing your heart beat is really the only thing that assures me that you are really there. And it still blows my mind.
The last time that I got to hear your heart beat with the Doppler you were bouncing everywhere and moving around and it took the Dr. a while to find your heart beat. Yesterday, as soon as the Doppler was pressed to my stomach we could instantly hear your heart beat. I guess since you are growing there is not much more room to bounce around in like you did before. Still, blows my mind.
The day after we found out that you were a boy (major highlight in my life BTW) I went to Target and bought you a cute little newborn jacket for $4. Win win. See, when you are born it should be pretty chilly (for us Arizonans anyways) so I figure that you could get some use out of it while you are still itty bitty.
So, since spilling the beans about your gender I have gotten a lot of comments and advice which I love.
One thing that most women have been talking to me about is the special bond that a baby boy and his mother have. I am very much looking forward to that special bonding and I am already dreading the day that you find another women you love to take over... but I know it has to happen. That's really all I can say about that before I sound too crazy. I promise I am not going to be a monster mother in law...
Don't worry though because I totally forgot that I already found your wife! Duh. She is a little older than you but BOY is she a cutie. Her name is Xelly and you will love her! Just you wait.
Anyways I love you baby. Keep on baking!


  1. dear emily.

    i love your blog, but i especially love reading your baby blog now.

    love megz.

  2. Whoop Whoop! Xelly is thrilled. I tell her about little man and she smiles. She knows her future. An arranged marriage isnt all that bad.
    Cant wait to meet him in 25ish weeks!

  3. Wow, Xelly. That is really cute!! Cute name. My friend and I have decided that her son and Sadie are going to get married. We decided it when they were both newborns. :)